Total investment:

€ 150,000

Franchise fee:

€ 15,000

Royalty fee:


Marketing fee:


Number of franchises

Return (ROI)

Time period


12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Year founded: 1997

Franchising since: 1999

Company units: 26

Franchise units: 19

Total number of units: 45

Number of employees per unit: 2+

Contract period: 60 months



The first pizza restaurant Čili Pica was opened in Vilnius in 1997. Citizens and tourists of Vilnius made the restaurant one of the most frequently visited restaurants in the city. Visitors often had to queue up for long hours to get in. In 1999 the company started franchising, new restaurant chains were opened, a chain of small coffee houses was set up, and a home delivery service was established.

Čili Pica restaurants usually occupy 250–300m2. The interior is cozy, and noncommittal, and reflects the uniqueness of Čili Pica. When creating the interior, designers take into account style and simplicity to make sure that our restaurants are attractive to people of various ages.
Today, for many people, the word ‘pizza’ is associated with Čili Pica, and their restaurants bake approximately 5,000 pizzas a day! Though Čili Pica is not just a pizza restaurant – it has a wide assortment of delicious and quality dishes. That’s why today Čili Pica is not calling themselves a pizzeria, but simply the Čili Pica restaurant network.

Even though experience in catering is not required, it is regarded as an advantage. Čili Pica will organise training and provide comprehensive information for future franchise candidates. The franchise candidate will receive everything that is necessary to manage a Čili Pica restaurant effectively.

Čili Pica consults and and assists the franchisee on the following issues:

  • Business management and administration;
  • Site selection for a prospective outlet
  • Interior design
  • Construction and equipment
  • Technological projects
  • Technological equipment
  • Marketing planning;
  • HACCP (RVSAVT) system introduction;
  • Employee selection and requirements for employees;
  • Various staff-related issues.


Other benefits of franchising with Čili Pica are:

  • The franchisee is allowed to make use of the results of the franchisor advertising, data from studies and research carried out by the franchisor, and can take part in a number of business development programs. (These are of great value for staying ahead of the competition.)
  • The franchisee can make use of the supplier network devised by the franchisor.
  • The franchisee is entitled to use the franchisor‘s licences, trademarks, technological secrets and other confidential information.
  • Prior to a restaurant opening, Čili Pica will train the franchisee or his/her authorised representative how to manage a restaurant. Main employees (cook, baker, chief waiter) will also undergo training necessary to perform their functions from the company.

Additionally, Čili Pica provides an opportunity for the franchisee network to make use of the market information and working experience in different markets. It is in the interests of Čili Pica that the franchisee‘s trade activity is uniform and of the highest quality. Therefore, as a rule, Čili Pica establishes the quality control and demands to strictly comply with the quality standards.


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