Spain’s unstoppable beauty franchise

D-uñas is the original beauty company specializing in hand and foot care. Owned by the Spanish group-beauty, the brand offers high-quality treatments and services including manicures, pedicures, traditional, and semi-permanent nail polish applications, as well as eye, eyebrow, and other facial treatments.

This leading Spanish Brand was founded in 2005 by Mery Oaknin and Sandra Benzaquen. Their success story has led d-uñas to grow to over 180 salons and a presence in no less than 11 countries.


But their ambition for the d-uñas journey didn’t end there. Mery and Sandra also took the decisión to franchise the business model to further boost its growth and help those looking to open their own salon.

15 years of successful trading and an established, loyal customer fan base are proof of the success of this exclusive business model within the Spanish beauty sector, with a unique offering to that of its competitors.

The specialization, innovation, and introduction of new techniques and processes are constant in d-uñas. In fact, the company has adapted its range of products so that they are natural and free of toxic products, eliminating potentially harmful effects on health and the environment with a firm commitment to sustainability.

“We are proud to follow an Eco-Beauty philosophy,” says Co-founder Mery. “We are strongly committed to not only our clients, our professional techniques, and the best practices of the health and beauty industry, but also the protection of the environment. We are highly aware of any impact our products may have.”


The brand obtained very positive results last year in 2019. It saw an increase in sales and profits by 20% compared to 2018 and opened 35 new salons – including 10 in different areas of Spain. The remaining 25 new salons were distributed across Latin America – in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru – to further grow d-uñas’ presence there.

This also makes d-uñas one of the largest and leading suppliers of its kind in the Spanish-speaking markets.

Reasons to feel satisfied and sit comfortably? Absolutely, but not for these two determined Founders who are continuing to take d-uñas even further.

“We are very satisfied with our growth in 2019, as well as all the new salons we’ve opened during the past year,” continues Mery. “Our aim is to not only continue growing throughout our home country Spain but also throughout all those Latin American markets where we are continuing to operate successfully.

“Because we are consolidating our entire network, this enables us to provide continuous and total support to each and every one of our franchisees.”

The next imminent step for d-uñas will be to exhibit at one of the world’s most important monographic exhibitions – the International Franchise Exhibition of Mexico. The 43rd edition of the event will take place from 5th-7th March where d-uñas will join the other 380 exhibitors with the aim of increasing their 26 salon offerings in Mexico.

Following the d-uñas franchise growth pace in 2019 and at the start of 2020, both nationally in Spain and internationally, watch this space to see even more of this sector leader’s salons popping up in Spain, Latin America and Europe.

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